I'm not really paying attention to this Kids Choice Awards show that happens to be on my TV right now, but I just saw that Kristen Stewart won best female actress over Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow..... I've lost what faith I still had in children these days.

I've never had this much frustration with a game before. My Skyrim somehow updated even though I have it set to not, and now it crashes upon loading my most recent save. I've tried reverting back to the previous patch but that didn't work, I tried removing some of the mods that I thought might cause conflicts but that…

I've played the Monster Hunter demo on 3DS a bit now and while I enjoy the combat on Switchaxe, Longsword and Sword/Shield, I was on the fence about getting the full game. Then I got an email about pre-order bonuses and said you can get $20 off for pre-ordering MH, so I sprang for it. This will be my first MH game


So I was welcomed home today with the Blue Screen of Death on my PC. After panicking and using my Ipad to look up solutions, I've managed to get it up and staying that way. However... when it was happening I noticed that Steam would try to update and a few seconds into that is when my PC crashed. The only way I was…

Have you ever felt like you aren't meant for this? Like, life after college. I know I'm trying to get into something I sort of like, but I still don't see myself working my life away, getting married, and just aging.... I feel like I'm meant for something else. I just don't know what.